DC No More

Hello! Sorry for dropping off the face of the Earth like that! But I’m baaaaaaaaack, and hopefully will be writing more regularly.

But first some news: this is no longer the blog of Ella in DC, the DC girl. Because I don’t actually live in DC anymore! Surprise! Where in the world is Ella?

The answer is…. *drumroll*… London! I’ve hopped the pond, and am now living La Vie en Angleterre for the next year. I’m attending grad school, scrounging around for part-time work, and geeking out over all the lovely history and architecture and Harry Potter references this town has to offer. (confession: I’ve already been to Kings Cross station, and worn a Slytherin scarf at Platform 9 3/4)

I have to say, leaving DC has been a tremendous relief. Part of that is to do with shedding a budding, unwanted political career in favor of home sweet academia, part of that is living on my own in a new city instead of with my family in my hometown, and part of that is just general Anglophile Feelings talking. But…still. Maybe all my good-natured ranting about how I hated the transient nature of DC, hated how everyone was a “suit”, hated how the city itself has very little sense of rooted identity (at least in the part where I live, and grew up) was not actually that good-natured. Maybe I wasn’t kidding, or half-kidding, about not just loving, but also hating DC. When I realized I was going back to school (which was not at all a sure thing, I got accepted into my program at the last possible minute), I thought, Hallelujah, I’m going home. When I realized I was leaving DC, and that, in all likelihood, I never have to live there again if I don’t want to, I thought: Hallelujah– I’m getting out.


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